I have a career-long interest in building large-scale distributed systems. I have taken on distributed systems from a variety of angles: research, microcomputers, operating systems, interconnects, storage protocols, and data communication. In early 2007,  I joined eBay Inc. with the title of Distinguished Architect. At eBay, I have operated in different areas including: site management, next-generation datacenter, virtualization, cloud computing, and security. By all accounts, the words large-scale are warranted: 2 billion page views per day, 270+ million users worldwide, 48 billion SQL executions/day, etc.

I received an invitation to present at LADIS 08 and gave this talk on the scale-out journey at eBay. In this IEEE video interview, I talk about the buzzword du jour, Cloud Computing. I chronicle these outings and some other encounters in my blog, Things That Scale.

Prior to eBay, I lived through the hectic years of the Telecom ups and downs at Nortel. My title was Director for Advanced Technology and Research. 'Twas six years of innovate or die (quite literally, and it was hard on me to see Nortel's demise just two years after I quit). For this Lab, I developed soup-to-nuts innovation, from analysis of unfilled need to vision, inventions, prototypes, and their transition into shipping products. From this vantage point, I had unobstructed access to exciting new ideas in distributed systems, from both industry and academia. I captured many of these in the book "Grid Networks: Enabling grids with advanced communication technology" (Wiley & Sons, 2006), still widely available and quite applicable to Clouds.

I was with the Open Software Foundation for most of the '90s. There, I've had some exciting projects on Mach micro-kernels and virtualization (who would have dreamed to see Mach on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets too, compliments of Mac OS X), real-time distributed systems, software fault tolerance, nascent open source communities, with a backdrop of highly stimulating DARPA-sponsored competitive research.

I have published over 40 refereed papers, several RFCs and standards, and over 30 granted/pending patents.

My latest peer-reviewed publication (see Technical Report) describes new computing paradigms resulting from migrating Virtual Machines across MAN/WAN and all the way to planet-scale (Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 22 Issue 8). This 2005 experiment set a benchmark in VM live migration and anticipated Cloud Computing themes.

I live in the Silicon Valley. Contact